Why Do I Need a Career Coach?

Excellence!  Can you achieve it without a guide?  Most successful leaders have coaches.  Together they design strategies, discuss approaches and manage risk.

A coach accompanies you on your professional path and assists you in developing a career that reflects your talent, skills and values.  One struggles until the course clears and steps are clarified.  Throughout the process you gain knowledge and awareness and move ahead sure-footed.   You lose the blindness and bewilderment that might have enveloped you.  Darkness gives way to light and you become confident of reaching your goals.

You identify obstacles that stand on the road from where you are now and where you want to be.  They become hurdles to be overcome, and nothing more, as you develop a plan and time line.  Together you ask the right questions as you yourself discover next steps.  Your coach becomes a partner who reminds you of the direction you know you must take and helps keep you on track.  Blind sightedness and rose-colored views are removed and you are self-possessed on solid ground in an expanded reality.

You might want a coach to advise at certain times, for long or short periods.  You might require one that fits certain situations you are working your way through.  The important issue is to have the right one: someone compatible with you and your objectives and with whom you are comfortable.

In my next blog, I will discuss the convergence of purpose, impact and well-being along your journey to career fulfillment.

Career Change and Transformation!

So …. it’s time for your next step.  You may have reached the point that change is imperative to start the day cheerfully, fully alive and inspired.  The question is how to bring it about.  For many, the reality is that it is has been brewing for a while so you are not starting from scratch.  For others, it will involve a deeper, multi-faceted process.

There are helpful questions that reveal clues.  What do you think about in your relaxed and reflective moments?  Who are the people catching your interest?  What do they do and what qualities do they radiate?   What articles are you gravitating toward when you read?  What books are sparking your interest?  What events do you want to attend?

All these signals point in a direction.  Follow them.  Learn more.  Look up friends and family members and get acquainted with people who will encourage you along your path.  They might be an authority in their field or impassioned about what they do.   Meet over coffee and get to know them.  Pick their brain and tap their wisdom. Take heed of President Kennedy’s advice and ask what you can do for them as well.  Follow-up to nurture the relationships.

Curiosity is a powerful driver and one of the most precious qualities of life.  Without it, we stay in place.  Embracing it, we are stimulated and motivated to explore.  Be aware and expand your  perspectives and experiences.  Do things out of the ordinary.   Try things you have pondered, but not taken the time to do.   These might include new career paths.  If so, assess whether they are realistic and as satisfying as you imagined.

Take time to reflect.  Sort out meetings, encounters and events.  Discover unexpected ideas and shape new conclusions.  Capture them and build on them.  Write them down and evaluate.  Trace a possible trend.

Change is an ever-evolving process.   Develop a momentum that generates the energy to grow relationships and give continued thought to innovation and industry developments.  Be receptive.  More than 80% of jobs are found through networking.  With patience and confidence yours will emerge.

In my next blog, I will write about the role of a coach in this important process.  Hint: every leader has a coach!